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BEAM Welcome Package & User Guide

Are you currently a participant in the BEAM Program? For more information about the program take a look at the BEAM Welcome Package or click on the BEAM USER GUIDE for answers to all of your app related questions.


Click on the following PDF to view all UP forms used throughout the program. Alternatively, see below for forms separated by week. 


BEAM App Disclaimer and Privacy Policy


Who we are


This study is funded by Research Manitoba and is being conducted by researchers at the University of Manitoba and the University of Calgary. The principal investigator, Dr. Leslie Roos, is an Assistant Professor at the University of Manitoba with appointments in Psychology and Pediatrics. The BEAM app was developed through collaboration with Tactica Interactive. 


What data are collected, how it is collected, and how it is used


1. App usage data: Data on app usage including time spent on the app, number of times logging into the app, and videos watched on the app for each participant will be collected. 


2. Forum data: All posts and comments made within the forum will be collected as qualitative data. Posts and comments will be linked to non-identifiable participant usernames. 


3. Personally identifiable information: No personally identifiable information will be collected in the app. All data will remain linked to non-identifiable participant usernames and the anonymity of users will remain protected. The BEAM app will not have access to the personal information you have on your phone, such as your contacts or text messages. 


How we store the information


We value the confidentiality of BEAM participants and are committed to protecting all participant information. We have extensive technical and administrative measures in place to securely and safely protect your data. 


Data from the BEAM app is stored directly on the University of Manitoba’s server in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Only study staff can access the database and all access will be tracked and documented. Data collected in this study will be securely stored for 5 years after publication of research results which is consistent with the University of Manitoba’s policy requirements. We also adhere to legislation regarding Personal Information, including The Personal Health Information Act and The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.




If you have concerns, wish to learn about your rights as a participant, or share a complaint about using the BEAM app, please contact us at


If you would like to receive or request data on you as a participant that we have collected, or if you have questions about this privacy statement please contact the BEAM research coordinator at

Mental Health Forms

Please click on the form from the mental health videos that you are interested in accessing.

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